Chicago: Day One

17 Aug

Okay, so I didn’t have a chance to blog on the first day of the trip, but the Chicago leg was so busy I have to separate it into tw parts. The train took a little over 22 hours to arrive in Chicago but it was amazing and hilarious. The woman in front of us from Boston to somewhere in the middle of Ohio clipped her nails fr wahat seemed like 22 hours. Gross.

Finally, we started to see Lake Michigan and the beautiful Chicago skyline in the distance. Annie Funke met us at Union Statioon and we were on our way. Tired and hungry, we stumbled into brunch and had some glorious breakfast food. We toured Annie’s neighborhood (Lincoln Square) and napped. Really exciting, I know.

We missed Second City (they were sold out 😦 ) but we imprvised and went to see the Willis Tower instead. Most importantly we went and got deep dish at Pequods- simply amazing. We went to the Willis Tower – 103 stories above Chicago and it took our breath away. Literally, Mary almost passed out and vertigo was definetly n the menu for Annie and me. They have a glass ledge that you can walk out on so its like you are walking on air.

We went to a bar and chilled for a bit, had some gose something beer. I think it was goose necks urban, but that might  be a lie.

Overall, the first day was a success!!!


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