22 Aug

Okay, so I feel I should preface this entry with an explanation (albeit a brief one) of the type of person I am. I am the kind of person who tends to recognize signs in her life. I don’t necessarily look for them, but when I notice small coincidences and moments I take them as a “sign” that I am in fact on the right track. Perhaps I am, on some level, searching for these signs. Perhaps I simply recognize the moments and happenings that would normally slip by me unnoticed because I crave some sort of approval from my dad. Instead of musing about why I tend to notice these moments, I thought I would share two of the stand-outs here with you.

Hello Papa Bear
The day we arrived in the fine city of Chicago, Mary and I were so tired and overwhelmingly hungry that Annie Funke immediately took us to a glorious breakfast place near her house. After the delicious breakfast burrito (side note- this is my single favorite breakfast item), Annie gave us a tour of her favorite shops in her neighborhood. I was purousing the novelties items in one of the stores – including bacon mints and nacho gum- when a cute mug caught my eye. It had an egg with giant glasses on it and the word head under it. Egghead. Adorable.
As I walked away from the mugs something caught my eye. It had a bear wearing a bow tie and the word PAPA over it- PAPA BEAR. My dearest nickname for my dad. The name I alone called him, the name I say whenever I visit his grave to talk to him. I will admit here that I got giddy when I saw it and almost purchased said mug. Then I took a moment and decided that I should take a picture of it on my phone and accept it as a sign that my dad was a fan of my trip – and consequently, of my trip.

What’s that mean in spanish?
So as I previously reported, the Cubs game was awesome and Wrigley field was equally cool. But what I may have left out was the name of the team the Cubs played during the game I went to  for my Papa Bear. The San Diego Padres. The Fathers. Annie Funke pointed that out to me- I thought she deserved a shout out for that one.

I will continue to notice these signs as long as they are sent to me, and I will continue to share them with you.

peace, k


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