Updated Blog

11 Aug

I decided to move this blog to wordpress because I heard it was easier for beginning bloggers to navigate, and f0r me to upload pictures from my  trip.  I have not blogged in quite a bit for several reasons. First, I have been preparing for my cross-country train trek so I can cross that off the list. Second, I have found it difficult to blog about my dad; well I suppose it would be more accurate to say that it is difficult to blog about my feelings. I promise to be more  active with this blog on my trip and in the future.

For anyone unfamiliar with this blog, I am doing what I describe as a reverse bucket list for my dad. He passed away on New YEar’s Day this year, and I have been struggling with my grief since then.  The idea for this started in February when my sisters and I were forced to take the train to Disney World because f inclimate weather. My dad’s favorite place on Earth was Disney (and Ireland and anywhere else he found beautiful) and he had always wanted to take the train down to Orlando. From the start, my sisters and I preserved my dad’s memory. We rode the rides he loved, ate in the places he loved, and generally had a wonderful trip. For me, it was the first time I truly laughed after he died and the first time I felt close to him again.

So I created a list of things I know my dad always wanted to do and my plan is to cross each thing off one at a time. Here is the list:

– play a practical joke
– take all the kids to McDonald’s
– take a train from Philly to California
– drive up (or down) the coast of California
– go to Ireland and see the land his family left
– go to the Kentucky Derby (buy a fancy hat for it)
– visit the Grand Ol’Opry and Dollywood
– watch a game at Wrigley Field
– watch a game at Fenway Park
– play triples and powerball
– get a cheesesteak from Mom’s
– go to Alaska and see the glaciers
– see the Northern Lights
– go down the shore
– go to the Italian Market and the Reading Terminal
– go to Disney World

– get on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire (I know this is a bit far fetched)

I will be adding to this list as time goes and letting everyone know where I am going prior so my friends and family can join me along the way…